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Customer App for iOS and Android

Smart Phone technology has made an undeniable impact on how consumers communicate and engage with the world around them. From your phone you can order pizza, communicate with the world, hire an e-scooter and find the latest news well before the local newspapers have even loaded paper into their printing presses.

With VV Garage, you can leverage this leading edge technology and communicate with your customers through your own branded IOS or Android app.
Sending special offers, reminders, live status updates on work on their vehicle etc; while offering them handy utilities such as a fuel economy calculator and vehicle information.


SAM can be integrated with VV Garage to simplify the management of customers across both platforms.


The integration extends to the reminder functionality, enabling reminders to be delivered to customers through the VV Garage app and provides an interface allowing bookings to be requested by customers within the VV Garage smart phone app, then confirmed and managed within your SAM program.


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