Customers can easily pay for what they need over time, with no interest and no fees


Fully Integrated with SAM
You can select Genoapay as a payment method within SAM when receipting an invoice. You will automatically be taken through the steps to process the application.
No cost to the customer
Genoapay charge a small commission from the merchant when they process a sale through their platform. This makes the payment and finance, option free for consumers.
We guarantee your payment
Every 48 hours, funds are transferred to your nominated account for the week’s previous sales (less the commission fee).


More business and new customers
More customers will be attracted to your business and your existing customers can increase what they currently spend.

Fast, simple and friendly
A Genoapay application takes 2 minutes if it’s a customer’s first time, and only 30 seconds if they are using it a second time. No more lengthy applications.

How it Works
Customers are offered, or request to use the payment method Genoapay.


SAM sends the transaction and some customer details to Genoapay.
The Customer receives a text message to sign up (if not already) and completes the payment approval.

text message

The payment is split into 10 weekly instalments.
Payments take 2 minutes to complete for a first time user, and 30 seconds for every subsequent payment.


The SAM user checks the status of the payment and completes the payment.
The funds are transferred into the businesses account within 48 hours (less the commission fee).

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