SAM Workmate

Intermediate level workshop management.

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Intermediate Level Workshop Management

SAM Workmate contains every feature found in SAM Lite plus:

  • Standard Job Kits
  • Library Text
  • Labour Productivity Management and Reporting
  • Comprehensive Stock Management
  • Job Quotation / Estimation Functionality
  • Banking Functionality
  • Optional Fully integrated Cashbook

More features

Jobs / Invoices:

  • Work In Progress Listing & Valuation
  • All Information on One Screen
  • Dates, Times & Estimated Hours
  • Technicians Linked To Jobs
    • Job Status Flags & Colours
    • User Defined Job Fields
  • All Customer & Vehicle Details
    • Split Invoicing
    • Job Margins Instantly Available

Job Kits / Quotes:

  • Save Common Jobs as Kits
  • See Margins By Line, Type or Job
  • Change Details of Kit as Transferred to Job
    • Save Quotes By Customer
    • Print Quotes as Quote or Estimate
    • Print Quotes as Quotation or Estimate
    • Job Kits can be Loaded into Quote


  • Vehicle Follow Ups & Service Reminders
  • Customer, Stock & Vehicle Export Functions
  • Most Valuable Customer Report
    • Job Source Analysis
    • Output to Reminder Cards or Mail Merge to Microsoft Word


  • Full Stock Transaction History
  • Comprehensive Pricing Discount Matrix
  • Multiple Stock Pricing Levels
    • Comprehensive Stocktaking
    • Suggested Buy (Automated Parts Ordering)
  • Integrated Parts Catalogues
    • Supercessions & Alternate Parts

Debtor Control:

  • Debtor Posting Drill-Down
  • Credit Limit, Credit Hold & Terms Options
  • Cash Out Facility
  • 12 Month Aged Balances and Sales History
  • Comprehensive Audit Trail
  • Individual or Combined Statement Printing


  • Full Debtors Postings History
    Banking / Cashbook:
  • All Receipts Recorded (Debtors or Miscellaneous)
  • Automated Banking Supplement Printing
    Multiple Bank Accounts and Transfer Between Accounts
  • Running Cashbook Balance
  • Transaction Reporting

Bank Account Reconciliation:
Labour Management

  • Optional Time Clocking Module
  • Technician Labour Productivity Reporting
  • Detailed Labour Analysis
  • Industry Benchmarking