Business Benchmarking

13 April 2016


SAM Computer Systems, together with the MTA is providing the New Zealand automotive aftermarket with business benchmarking information and statistics.

With approximately 50% of the independent repair and service sector in New Zealand using SAM software, the company is uniquely positioned to assist the trade.

SAM Operations Manager Raju Bhana says that the benchmarking will provide key performance information such as margins and labour management statistics.

"Making this information available is key to the automotive trade constantly improving and we are delighted to be able to help our customers and the wider industry. If all businesses become more efficient, everyone benefits including the end customer and the national economy."

Bhana also says that privacy of data is a critical part of the collection process.

"Holding client data is obviously already a key part of our software support operations, and for benchmarking purposes we are able to collate and interpret the data in our systems and then pass only summarised results to the MTA. This means important trends and key statistics are provided without any risk of privacy issues."