SAM/Repco Integration


24 April 2015

A huge collective effort between SAM and Repco has seen the milestone of 200 live integrations of SAM and the Repco Navigator system achieved over the past few months. The next 100 sites have been identified and will be activated in coming weeks and months.

Repco is reporting a significant revenue increase on the back of this very successful roll out and has now announced the next stage of the roll out, Smart Quote.

Smart Quote provides businesses with log book servicing information for thousands of vehicles and instantly imports this information – along with the exact parts and labour required for the job - into SAM's job kit area.

"Smart Quote has the potential to increase sales on every single service", says SAM company manager Raju Bhana, adding "And because it is completely integrated with SAM all you need to do is find the vehicle you want and everything from that point is automatic."