Business Training Seminar


23 March 2015

The Dan Gilley Business Training Seminar Series

Throughout March, Seattle based workshop business expert Dan Gilley toured New Zealand dispensing simple, no-nonsense advice to business owners and managers.

The feedback from seminar attendees was impressive, and those who had seen Dan on his last tour were reporting huge improvements in their businesses after making changes he suggested then.

SAM joined with the MTA, Repco, Spark and insurance brokers Crombie Lockwood to sponsor Dan's visit.

TSI Group (SAM's parent company) general manager Darryn Crothall said, "We very much see ourselves as part of the New Zealand motor industry and the opportunity to help to bring Dan out is precisely the sort of
thing we like to get involved in. In fact many of his messages are exactly the same as our own."

"Sometimes it's better received when coming from a fresh face and a different voice."

SAM was also very pleased to be able to assist Dan with his presentations, providing him with sample NZ data and reports.

We're looking forward to being involved again when he comes to NZ in the future.