Our software in Asia

2 July 2013

TSI Group has made further inroads into the Asian region with a 12-location, 8-country, marine brokerage and fleet management business based in Hong Kong.The TSI Group includes Systime and SAM – which provide software, hardware and business systems to the Kiwi automotive market. In total, almost 10,000 users – in well over 3000 business locations - use TSI, Systime or SAM services every working day.

TSI also increasingly exports Kiwi ingenuity to the world, with SAM and Systime sharing several hundred users in a total of 15 countries.

The latest Hong Kong deal has sites in eight countries:

Hong Kong








The company is a major broker and dealer of luxury yachts throughout Asia. TSI have installed the head office system in Hong Kong, prior to rolling out the service to the other sites/countries.

Each site will have its own Orion server running the local currency and TSI will be providing centralised service hosting so that full work histories and warranty information can follow the vessels, and is available throughout the network, at any time.

In a notable development TSI has built in a capability to deal with Mandarin character sets for parts and work descriptions (TSI already has Cyrillic character sets running in its software in a client's Mongolian drilling and mining operations).

TSI had to head off global workshop and fleet management competition software providers for this deal.