Repco & SAM Connect

23 July 2014

New Zealand's leading automotive aftermarket parts supplier and specialist software system provider have announced a partnership to provide automation between their respective systems.

"We're delighted to be adding SAM's 2000-odd sites to our 91 store physical footprint," says Mark Brunton, Repco executive general manager. "This will increase our speed and efficiency of service significantly, as well as reducing our trade customers' administration costs.

"This is particularly important as the industry enters a period of significant change, where our automotive trade customers will be looking for means of maintaining and growing their profitability."

TSI Group – owner of the SAM workshop system – says that there will be multiple phases delivered over coming months and years.

"Initially we are building an integrated parts searching and ordering interface from within our software to Repco's NAVIGATOR online system, says TSI's general manager Darryn Crothall.

"While this will provide significant efficiencies for users on its own, it is really only the first part of a more comprehensive collaboration between SAM/TSI and Repco that will see more functionality delivered over time.

"Obviously Repco and Appco supply virtually every automotive business in the country at some level, and as SAM workshop systems are installed in roughly half of the independent service and repair after-market, we are going to be bringing immediate cost savings – and increased sales opportunities – to a large proportion of the industry.

"We are confident that this will benefit the automotive industry that we and Repco are a part of, as well as making 'NZ Inc.' that little bit more efficient," adds Crothall.

Repco's Brunton says that having SAM, and eventually other TSI Group systems, interfacing directly to Repco's online electronic catalogue and ordering systems, significantly extends Repco's ability to service the industry.

"In addition to adding SAM's 2000-odd sites to our 91 store physical footprint, further down the track we are planning exciting new functionality that will also help our trade customers to increase their sales."

SAM and Repco are entering a final testing phase with selected clients and plan to have the initial interfaces ready for market launch in September/October 2014.