7 software tools for your workshop

How many hours a week do you spend doing paperwork after hours thinking “there’s gotta be a tool for that”. Well, you’re right. There is a tool for that. Check out the list below of our favourite tools to help you reduce the amount of time you’re spending on paperwork and admin.

1. Quotes and invoices

Get quotes and invoices emailed straight to your customers. Need to split invoices for insurance work? You can do that too. Get paid faster and look more professional with digital invoices. With an invoice tool you can set up templates with your payment terms, bank details and you can even add a thank you message.

2. Job kits

Sick of handwriting quotes and invoices for the same job over and over again? Put the pen and paper down and get job kits. Electronic templates for standard jobs, simply open your job management tool, create a quote, invoice, or job sheet, and select the job kit. The standard labour hours and parts will get added to the job for you.

3. Stock management

Wouldn’t it be nice if frequently used parts would re-order themselves when they’re running low? Isn’t it a pain reaching for that part only to find out you’re all out? A stock management tool helps you to keep track of what you’ve got in stock, it sends alerts when you’re running low and you can even set it to automatically re-order certain parts when they’re running. How is that for efficiency?

4. Customer and vehicle database

Remember the car but not the owner’s name? Want to see what work you did on the car when it came in 2 years ago? A customer database keeps track of all the important details without you having to remember. When the customer comes back in for their next warrant you can quickly look up their record, see the full vehicle history plus any notes you’ve made on the person and quickly send an email or text message “your car is ready to pick up”.

5. Service reminders

Get more customers back into the workshop by letting them know when their service or WOF is due. Set up reports based on previous work done like a service WOF, tire change and then send a quick text message to everyone that hasn’t been back in for a set period of time.

6. Marketing

Running a promotion to get customers back into the workshop? How are you getting that message out? Get a marketing tool that integrates with your CRM to send emails and text messages to your customers to let them know what the deal is, why they should come in, and how to get it.

7. Accounting

Not happy with your bill from your accountant? An accounting tool can help to get your records into shape so that your GST and tax filings become a matter of exporting reports and sending them to your accountant. Sounds too easy, right? Because it is. Your accountant can then spend their time providing business advice rather than reconciling your accounts. Accounting software can manage your cashbook, general ledger, GST, asset register. Even integrate it with your online banking for easy reconciling of your accounts.

Sound like a lot of tools, doesn’t it?  Get the software that makes your job easier, not harder. At SAM we focus on making life simpler and we do that by having one system that does your job management, accounting, marketing and stock management. No double handling. Request a call back from the SAM team to find out more about how we can make your job easier.