Product Release Announcement: SAM Web

Designed to give workshops flexibility to manage operations from anywhere, anytime, this new product takes your workshop operations from the shop and out to the work.

What does it do?

SAM Web features:

  • Job Sheets
  • Time Clocking
  • Invoicing and Payments
  • Vehicle Enquiry
  • Workshop Orders
  • Workshop Stock Enquiry
  • Invoice History
  • Customers (Adding/editing)
  • Suppliers (Adding/Editing)
  • Assign User Roles
  • Job Maintenance
  • Set up and Maintenance
  • Stock Control
  • Basic Reporting
  • Interface to Xero (two-way payments)

Detailed information is coming soon. 

When is it available?

SAM Web will be in beta testing from October – December 2020. You could be a Beta Test site, submit your interest here