Workshop Spotlight: Dairy Flat Motors

Tucked away in Auckland’s Dairy Flat, Philidia and Justin are busy working away in the rural setting on the edge of Auckland city. Originally from Zimbabwe, the couple set up shop here 16 years ago.

When Philidia and Justin moved to New Zealand in 2002 they bought Dairy Flat Motors. Justin originally trained as a civil engineer technician, however, after being a hobby mechanic he eventually undertook an apprenticeship and took on the new career.

After running several businesses together in Zimbabwe, the couple knew they needed software in place in order to reduce the paperwork in their workshop and have accurate financial records. A key benefit of buying this business was that they already had a system in place to manage this, SAM. The couple has now been using SAM Lite in their workshop for over 16 years.

“We wouldn’t be able to manage invoicing without it, the time taken to write up invoices by hand and then manually enter them into a separate accounting system isn’t worth it for us. We’re a small business and see more value in spending that time either working on the cars or at home working around our property.” Philidia Gray.

Invoices are processed for customers on the spot or emailed, saving time in handwriting the invoices and typing the details into the computer. Payment terms and bank account details are added onto the invoices so that it’s as easy as possible for customers to pay.

Without the software, hours each week would be dedicated to managing invoicing and administration. Instead, Philidia and Justin get to spend this time working on their property.