How to use SMS marketing to boost bookings


It’s good enough for the government for COVID alert – why? Because we all have our phones within arm’s reach for most of the day. This makes SMS an incredibly effective marketing tool for small businesses, not to mention it’s pretty cost-effective too. 

One-off promotional blasts
Are you running a promotion? Or want to let people know you’re open over lockdown? Get the message through with a quick SMS to notify your customers.

WOF/Service reminders
Use the date of the last service or WOF to determine when customers should be returning for the next one. Find everyone with a service due within a date range, say a 7-day period 4 weeks from now, such as 01/09/2020 – 07/09/2020. Select the type of reminders, WOF, 10,000 service, or other reminders set up in your system.

Start a conversation
Making appointment booking as easy as possible by allowing customers to respond via text message. Most SMS applications allow you to programme responses beyond “Y” or “N”. For example, “Tu3” for a booking request at Tuesday 3pm.

Day before reminders
Reduce no shows by following up the day before with your customers. This serves to remind them of the appointment and provide an opportunity for them to cancel if they need to you. Proactive reminders mean you don’t waste time on the day following up customers if they don’t show and, if they do cancel, you can book another customer into that time so you don’t have gaps in your schedule.

Say thank you
Your mother wasn’t wrong when she said it’s rude not to say thank you. It’s also a missed opportunity to request a review. Set up your SMS messages to send a thank you each week to all the bookings from the previous week, and include a gentle request to provide a review on your Google my Business, Yellow Pages or Facebook page.

Want to try SMS reminders in your business?
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