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Windows 7
End of Support Lifecycle
NZTA Integration
Enhance your customer's experience
New Phone System
There is now IVR (interactive voice response) when you call the Support Centre

Windows 7 - End of Support Lifecycle

Microsoft released Windows 7 in October 2009, and it has been a successful operating system running on many business and home machines over the last decade.

windows 7There was a commitment from Microsoft for ten years of support for the operating system, which will end in January 2020.

 Microsoft states: 
“After January 14, 2020, if your PC is running Windows 7, it will no longer receive security updates. Therefore, it's important that you upgrade to a modern operating system such as Windows 10, which can provide the latest security updates to help keep you and your data safer. In addition, Microsoft customer service will no longer be available to provide Windows 7 technical support. Related services for Windows 7 will also be discontinued over time.“
For more information, please see the following support resources from Microsoft:
Accordingly, we strongly recommend you replace any computers that are still running Windows 7 (or older operating systems) to ensure you continue to receive security updates from Microsoft and minimise your exposure to security vulnerabilities, viruses and malware. Compounding these security risks, It is likely that computers still running Windows 7 contain ageing components; therefore replacement of such computers will mitigate the risks and resulting downtime of hardware failure.

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Enhance your customer's experience with NZTA integration

First impressions last... When a customer calls to make a booking, their experience will leave a lasting impression. By utilising NZTA integration, simply ask for their rego number and NZTA integration can accurately gather and record all the details on their vehicle; such as make, model, year, vin number and WOF expiry date.  Making the initial conversation with your customers efficient will enhance your customer’s experience and improve customer retention and customers that notice your use of technology in this regard, will have an improved perception of the professionalism and capability of your operation.
Presentation matters... Bringing vehicle data into your system digitally will minimise typos and spelling mistakes. General tidiness and consistency in your data will enhance the presentation of all forms (including invoices and service/WOF reminders) and reports printed from your system. This is beneficial not only for your internal staff but also for your customers.
Efficiencies can be extended to other areas of your business too. Accurately recording the vehicle information will help you order the correct parts from suppliers and captured WOF expiry dates can add the customer to your WOF reminders/follow-ups even if you didn’t perform the original inspection.
You can even utilise some of the available reports in a customer facing manner; such as PPSR security register checks which provide a detailed report that can be handed to your customer as part of a ‘pre-purchase inspection’.
To find out more about SAM/Orion NZTA integration, please click the link below:


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New phone system implemented

We are dedicated to improving our customers' experience. You may have already noticed that we have recently implemented a new phone system.
There is now IVR (interactive voice response) when you call the Support Centre number on 09 583 4255.

Our menu is as follows

  1. For outage updates and current status, press 1
  2. For accounts, expiry codes and stationary orders, press 2
  3. For Citrix or hosting issues, press 3
  4. For Support and all other enquiries, press 4

We hope that this will help you to get to the right person faster.
Please let us know about your experience. If there is a need for improvement we would like to know.
Email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.