SAM E-Newsletter - July 2019

A peek into what's been happening in the automotive industry!

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Mark up Vs. Margin
Whats the difference? We can help you out!
NZTA Add-on
Prices start from only $0.35+GST per check!
Banking Interface Tips
Exporting your creditor payments can be made so much easier!

Mark up Vs. Margins
What's the difference?
It is important to be checking the margin on a job, as well as checking the stock sales & margins report.


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Retrieve Vehicle Information Within Seconds with NZTA add-on
Retrieve current vehicle Information, finance, debtor and ownership checks within seconds.
Prices start from only $0.35+GST per check!


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Banking Interface Tips
Did you know that in SAM Supermate and Elite there is an option to export your creditor payment into a file you can upload into your online bank account to complete the payment process.


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Check for Software Updates Regularly
Make sure your SAM or Orion is always running the latest version.

 Windows Updates

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