7 May 2008

SAM Computer Systems Ltd is delighted to announce the acquisition of the WASP Dealer Management System from Dyatron Systems Ltd.

The WASP system has been successfully deployed throughout New Zealand for almost 25 years with a strong presence in the automotive dealership market.

Having operated in the same markets for many years, there are a number of operational synergies between the WASP system and those of SAM. SAM Company Manager, Darryn Crothall, says that both organisations see considerable opportunity for WASP users to benefit from the synergies of SAM's larger operation. "We are excited about the opportuniies to provide WASP clients with some of our peripheral offerings such as hardware, networking, server hosting and telecommunications", says Crothall, "On the other hand, Dyatron's expertise and knowledge, especially in the automotive dealership market, provides us with a welcome boost to our resources and market coverage".

The arrangement sees Dyatron directors and staff joining SAM Computers, so WASP clients are assured of a seamless transition and a continuation of the high levels of support to which they have become accustomed. Dyatron Directors Arthur Hammond and Simon Taylor are particularly pleased that they have been able to "future proof" their client's businesses. Taylor adds, "By taking our customers into a much larger operation, we are ultimately providing them with more upgrade and system evolution options".

With WASP integrated, SAM now encompasses 4500 users and the combined entire TSI (SAM's parent) Group has nearly 7000 users.