10 March 2017

At the end of 2016 SAM’s Benchmarking analysis programme was relaunched in collaboration with the MTA.

The MTA’s flagship publication, Radiator, will now have a quarterly snapshot of the industry’s overall performance using a number of key indicators.

Data Quality
Data quality is paramount and fortunately it is gradually but steadily improving all the time.

Naturally, we are dealing with masses of data. Some is “bad” and needs to be ignored. We have mechanisms in place to remove these suspect results before statistical analysis begins, but ideally all of the data we receive from our SAM systems would be correct and usable.

Importantly, if we can’t use a value (like parts margins) from a particular customer because it is bad, then that customer’s reports must be bad too.

This has already started us thinking about how we can improve the data and more importantly give our customers insights and feedback that will allow them to improve the accuracy of their own reporting.