Vehicle Visuals

12 August 2017

Vehicle Visuals provide automotive service and repair businesses with hundreds of short videos covering every aspect of car maintenance and repair.

The videos make it easy to explain the reasons for repairs and replacements to customers, and there is plenty of evidence that making technical concepts easy to understand leads to increased customer satisfaction and ultimately, more sales.

Vehicle Visuals is a subscription service that allows video links to be emailed or sent via SMS.

Including these links alongs with a quotation simply means that the customer will have much higher confidence in the need for the proposed work and this will lead to a much higher positive response rate.

For Vehicle Visuals subscribers, we have negotiated to include video links directly from within SAM when quoting.

This includes email and SMS so customers can be sent a link to an explanatory video along with your quote.

We also offer easy searching and selection of videos from within SAM for display to customers while at your premises.

Vehicle Visuals 2

Screen capture of Vehicle Visuals video explaining the need for Air Filter replacement.