Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Can my existing data be converted?

We have converted hundreds of clients from other systems and we have automated or semi-automated conversion programs for most of them. We will endeavour to convert your Customers, Parts Stock and Vehicles files at a minimum. We are usually also able to convert Suppliers and Marketing information.

We are unique in being (usually) able to import historical Invoice and Customer Sales information from other systems. Many clients request a sample conversion to see what their information looks like in SAM or Orion.

We have considerable experience in upgrading from most other software on the market. Both to make the process more efficient and because we carry this process out regularly, we have produced tried and tested conversion utilities for all versions of the following software

Accounting & Point of Sale Software:

MYOB, NZA Gold, Aurora, Exonet, Quicken/Quickbooks, Nimbus, Attache, Greentree, Task, PEC, Kudos

Workshop Software:

Synergy Autoshop, Automate, Rees

Dealer Systems:

Famis DOS, Famis2 (F2), Auto IT, Reynolds and Reynolds, Systime Midas, Top Gear, Grant Day, Honda NZ, Am-Win, ACS Majix, Dyatron Wasp.

...........and many, many more.

Upgrading to SAM or Orion is easy and stress-free.

Q:  What’s wrong with straight (cheaper) accounting software?

Nothing – but no accounting system ever made a business more efficient or cheaper to operate!

Accounting is about reporting AFTER the fact. Our systems are about saving money and maximising profits DURING the transaction.

We do have full accounting capabilities - and these are important - but they are for reporting and analysing your business. We want to also help to make your business easier to operate and more efficient.

Labour management and reporting is a key focus of both SAM and Orion. Labour is treated as labour - a special type of sale - while most systems treat labour simply as an item of inventory. If you sell labour by the unit and your system treats labour as a part, it's costing you - get another system. Selling labour is usually critical to the business success of our clients, so treating it as a separate transaction type is equally critical. Time clocking, work scheduling and productivity/efficiency analyses are also integral and our software leads the market in providing comprehensive tools to manage and maximise this critical area of any service-based business.

FACT: Most businesses find that their workshop productivity rises a few percentage points immediately upon the implementation of one of our systems and this is often enough in itself to return the entire investment over a year or so. Plenty of our existing clients will attest to this - feel free to ask our sales staff for references.

Marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) is a vital part of any business but we don’t just pay lip service to it like some accounting software does.

Every invoice, job, sale, purchase or contact with a client potentially provides a marketing opportunity later – and we don’t just provide the functionality to enable this, we integrate it right into the normal daily processes. Our clients don’t have to do anything extra to capture this information because the system does it automatically.

Q:  How easy is your software to use?

We use the latest Windows technology and incorporate every look and feel advantage we can to make the experience of using our software seamless and simple without compromising the power and speed of our back-end technology.

Our system is intuitive and our processes are designed to follow the actual work flows our clients typically use in each task.

Because the experience of using software it is somewhat arbitrary and personal, perhaps we should leave comment on this to our clients – especially those who have used other systems. Our clients who have used other systems prior to using SAM or Orion are unanimous in telling us that our systems are the most efficient and the easiest to learn and use available on the market.

Q:  What technical support do you provide?

For those businesses that require it, we offer a complete end-to-end computing solution. In addition to our software and consultancy/support services, we have a large team of technicians who work with our clients to provide computers, networks, communications and support to any level from a single PC to a large, multi-location corporate operation.

Where clients already have an existing hardware vendor in place, we are happy to work with these suppliers and provide whatever assistance we are able.

Regardless of whether hardware and networks are purchased from us, one of our software support commitments is that we will always take the “first call” on any issue. When a fault is identified as hardware, we may direct our client back to their original vendor but we will work through the identification of the issue and continue to assist in any practical way possible.