SAM Forecourt

Optional add-on module for fuel pump point of sale.

Get Your Customers Back On the Road

SAM Pump Point Of Sale is an optional module that can be run fully integrated with SAM Elite, SAM Supermate or SAM Workmate software:

  • One Debtors Ledger For Entire Business
  • Multiple Cashdraws & Sales Terminals
  • Multi-Shift Reporting and Control
  • Fully Integrated to SAM Back Office Functions
  • Integrated Cashdraw, Barcode & Receipt Printing
  • Separate Workshop and POS Invoice Formats
  • Stock Can Be Tagged for Sale Via POS Only, Workshop Only or Both
  • World Class Pump Connection Management By POSTEC (SAM software is POSTEC tested and certified)

More features:

  • Combo Sales
  • Sales Analysis Reporting
  • Point Of Sale Audit Trail Reporting
  • Can Enforce Cashier Identification On Each Sale
  • System Month End Processing Independent Of Workshop
  • Full Wetstock Control
  • Quick Keys
  • Transaction history maintained for the current fiscal year
  • Online Enquiry View of Invoice & Payment History
  • Automated Invoice Crediting