Banking Interface Tips

Available with SAM Supermate and SAM Elite

In SAM Supermate and Elite there is an option to export your creditor payment into a file you can upload into your online bank account to complete the payment process.

Under Creditors select the ‘Suggest Payment’ button.

Next select the button ‘Recalculate Suggest Payments’ and select the filter for which suppliers and invoices dates you want to pay.
The system will display the suppliers and the corresponding invoices.
You can go through and remove suppliers from the list and/or tag invoices you want to pay.
When ready to pay, select the ‘Process Payments’ button.
Select the ‘Online Banking’ button to generate the file to upload to your bank account.
To simplify the process you can tick the box to email the file to your email account.
At this stage you can log into your online bank account and import the payments before you complete the process in SAM (or Orion).