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New TSI Group CEO on board
We welcomed Dave Murdoch in September 2019
Regular back-ups can save the day!
Are you running regular back-ups? If not, read our article on why it is so important to take back-ups.
Tips and Hints
Information on how to complete a quick profit check

New TSI Group CEO on board

We welcomed Dave Murdoch to TSI family as our new Chief Executive Officer in September 2019.

DaveDave started his career in the automotive sector way back in the early 2000’s, working for Castrol Commercial.
He has since gone on to develop his leadership and technology skills across a range of industries including training, financial services and hospitality.

Dave thinks TSI Group is in a strong position:
“This is a great company. Our people live and breathe vehicles. Many of them have hands on experience in workshops or dealerships, which gives us a deep understanding of our customers’ needs and challenges.”

Dave’s vision is for TSI Group to enhance its position as NZ’s #1 provider of software to the automotive sector through focusing on its customers:
“Any success we achieve as a company is a direct reflection of the success we enable our customers to achieve.

As such, our goals are pretty simple:
To deliver world class service, to make our customers lives easier and to make their businesses more successful.”

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Regular back-ups can be a life saver!

Are you running a regular back-up? We suggest Data file back-ups daily and Data & Program files backed up once a week.

Be careful about where you store your data.

  1. Is it in a safe place?
  2. Is it offsite? (very important in case of fire)
  3. What storage media are you using? (hard drive, USB, remote back-up service or other)
  4. Who of your staff knows where the data are saved in case they need to be recovered?

Make sure you have enough available hard drive space. Running out of space can have disastrous consequences.

Why is an effective backup so important?

Simple recovery

Mistakes can happen, emails can contain viruses and vital files can be accidentally deleted. Having a recent back-up available allows you to recover lost data with minimal disruption.


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Quick Profit Check

To ensure you’re maintaining a healthy profit, click the ‘Margins’ button at the bottom of the ‘Maintain a Job’ window, before invoicing to review the profitability of the current job:

  quick profit check1

quick profit check2

 The more accurate your cost pricing in your system is, the more accurate the data shown on this screen will be; but with a quick glance of this information you can see your total margin in dollars and as a percentage.

By checking this information before you finalise the invoice, you still have the opportunity to update pricing on the job to yield better profitability.

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Don't wait till the last minute, be prepared!

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Please remember to order your stationery by 18th December to ensure that you receive it in time before Christmas.

We are only closed on the stat days but courier deliveries may take a bit longer around Christmas time.

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